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Benefits For Candidates:

1) Gives better campus opportunities to students.
2) Professional training to students
3) Brings current market technologies directly to students
4) After completing your degree hands on experiences and ready to JOBs.
5) Industries expert advice and counselling students. Career counselling by Industries experts(from Facebook, google, other top IT industries which will help students to broaden their understanding).
6) Better opportunity and eventually increases student’s confidence.
7) Helping students in job application etc.
8) All students who have enrolled in the course will get badge/ certificate upon completion.
9) Students get IBM login IDs for their life, as learning never stops!

Details About IBM SkillsBuild Program

SkillsBuild offers best in class content and in-depth guidance to help learners success. Learners are able to assess the alignment of their skills and personality with in-demand job roles, engage in online learning, receive guidance from IBM mentors, and work on real projects to create a portfolio. Online learning is further supported by in-person work through NGO partners. SkillsBuild’s goal is to put the success of the learner first, beginning with skills and moving into a lifelong career trajectory. For more details , please read following:-