Webinar: 21st Century Skills through Coding with NEP linkages

The New Education Policy (NEP) will play an important role in creating a self-reliant India. Under the NEP, students will be taught 21st-century skills, and coding will be an integral part of it from Class 6 onwards. As future of a nation is what its youth is today so it’s time to be future-ready and future-fit with 21st-century skills. Join us for an introduction to all of these ideas.

Date & Time: Sun 6th Dec 2020 & 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM IST

Audience: Teachers, Parents, and Class 3rd Onwards Students

Speaker: Lalit Pant (B.Tech. IIT Kanpur , M.Tech. IIT Delhi). Managing Trustee – Kogics Foundation

Topics that will be covered:

1. Discussion of 21st century skills.
2. NEP – core ideas, and linkage with 21st century skills
3. Introduction to coding/programming.
4. Introduction to Kojo, and the effectiveness of programming in learning 21st century skills.
5. Overview of Kojo learning modules.
6. Live Coding
7. Kojo usage, recognition, case studies, and strengths (in brief).
8. Kojo and the four pillars of education.
9. Q&A

Organized By: SmartGaon Development Foundation & REACHA Foundation

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    About Speaker:

    Mr. Lalit Pant is a codecrafter, Software Architect, and Teacher based out of Dehradun, India. He spends his work/hobby time enjoying teaching computer programming and math to school-children, writing ebooks, and developing educational software. Lalit has worked as a professional programmer for many many years – in roles all the way from junior programmer to CTO – designing and developing software for companies in the United States, Europe, and India. He holds multiple patents and creator of many open source projects including Kojo (a programming based learning environment), Tefla (a deep learning AI toolkit), and Jiva (a genetic algorithms library).