Register As Professional For Skill Build Program

SmartGaon Development Foundation is looking for experts/volunteer who not only have a deep passion for humanitarian work but also the expertise, wisdom and time to commit in support of our program. As part of Skill development program, we are looking for experts from various fields to provide advice, mentoring and guidance to students.

As part of this skill build program SmartGaon will be hosting webinars, interactive sessions, Education materials and FAQs for the various fields/industries which will help students to learn, interact with Experts who will provide more insight on fields and latest updates in those fields. This will help Students and other’s registered into program to build skill and get direct interaction with Industries expert.

We would encourage every expert to contribute in this initiative.

As you consider volunteering to SmartGaon Skill development program, please share with us the following:

  • What skill sets and resources do you have that will be of benefit to the program?
  • How much time can you volunteer to the program each week, month and year?
  • Are you prepared for a long-term commitment as a volunteer?

Smart Gaon Skill Development Program Experts Interest Form