swachh bharat abhiyan

India has a population of about 125 crore any movement here can’t be unsuccessful if it handled individually nor it will be successful if it is not handled at individual level.

We can have a few methods that will help us to clean our surroundings:
1) If we have house or office at a place where people urinate, then we can clean that place, put there some plants or flower pots , i don’t think anyone will then urinate there.
2) We must be independent , we should not be depended on sweepers , a initiation from us will lead to big changes.
3) We must put a dustbin inside our house instead of dumping on open space or on streets.
4) If there is any public dumping space then clean that space ant paint it well with a good scenery , definitely no one will dump there from next day.
5) Avoid using plastic bags , take bags from your home if you are going to market.

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Wed 8 Mar 2017
9.00 Am

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