What We Do

Our Overall focus areas can be broadly categorized 2 parts

1. Provides Outreach/Technology Platform to Non-Profits, Private/Public/Government Organizations –

  • Need Assessment/Impact Analysis Survey facility
  • Admin Dashboard for Analytics
  • Campaign/Event Management
  • Online Project Management Tracker
  • 24X7 Online Call Center Support
  • Resource Center for Trainings/Employment Assistance
  • Assist in Spreading Awareness on New Government Schemes/New Products
  • Training & Skill Development with the help of Partner Organizations/Advisors

2. Assist in developing Village as Smart Village & Smart Operations Management

  • SmartGaon Model for Village Transformation
  • Smart Panchayat Governance
  • Online Local Marketplace Platform
  • Village Panchayat Directory
  • Village Development Work Progress Tracker

Village Selection Process for SmartGaon Development

We request all people via our website and Social Media pages to fill form for Village Registration.

We follow following steps

Execution Process of SmartGaon Development Program for Village:

  • Project Team creation to monitor all SmartGaon Development activities for selected Village.
  • Data gathering from Village authorities for SmartGaon App and Village Website Development.
  • Discussion with Government District officials for all Government Support.
  • Task creation for tracking via SmartGaon Mobile App.
  • Execution of all tasks involved in SmartGaon Development Program for Smart Village.