21st Century Skills through Coding for Rural India Students-

In the new National Education Policy (NEP-2020) in India, coding is mandatory for kids (class 6 onwards). This opens up tremendous opportunities for children to learn 21st century skills – through coding. But in rural India, due to the lack of infrastructure & well-trained teachers, the quality of education and the ability to bring in these new educational ideas remains below par. In addition, in recent times, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a big negative impact on the education of kids in rural India.

To pursue the goal of improving the quality of education in villages, imparting essential skills to children there via coding, and aligning village schools with NEP-2020, REACHA & SmartGaon Development Foundation are working together to deploy Kojo (an open-source programming based learning platform) in schools of rural India.

The Kojo platform has been developed by Mr. Lalit Pant (B.Tech. from IIT Kanpur & M.Tech. from IIT Delhi & with extensive experience in Coding & Teaching) and is being used in many countries around the world. More information on Kojo is available at https://www.kogics.net/kojo.

Kojo Registration Form

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    Focus Areas :
    1. To develop critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem-solving – by building generative art / and games.
    2. To do projects that are multidisciplinary, holistic, and innovating – by trying out new things with coding, math, physics, art, mandalas, culture, and spirituality.
    3. To develop collaboration and teamwork – through pair programming, projects, and events.
    4. To impart to children the knowledge of learning how to learn – through regular practice (in rich areas involve science and creativity) with feedback – in an interactive environment, and with goals that check for understanding.

    Kojo Story-Year 2022-23

    21st Century Skills through Coding with NEP linkages

    Coding Competition - Prize distribution ceremony

    Prize Distribution Ceremony Of 1st Kojo Competition


    How can we join this course?

    Please register. Someone will get in touch with you soon to assist you in joining.

    Is this course free or paid?

    The course is free for underpriviledged participants. For other categories, there is a nominal fee.

    How we can download Kojo?

    You can download it from here: https://www.kogics.net/kojo-download Or you can try it out online here: http://ikojo.in/sf/oR9PJ43/0

    What are the hardware and software requirements?

    A computer running Windows, Mac, or Linux.

    Where will the classes for the course be conducted?

    Online or in your respective schools.

    Is this course based on self-learning or is a teacher needed?

    A teacher is needed to provide initial guidance. After the course is over, children can continue their experiments and creative activities by themselves.

    What will happen if students leave the course before it is finished?

    They will have good knowledge of the portion of the course that they have covered. This will give them a good foundation for learning coding in the future.

    How will the technical team of SmartGaon/Kojo help Students and Teachers?

    By providing training to teachers and online support.

    Will, there be any exam at the end of the course?

    There will be a final project, after which students will have the option of printing a t-shirt based on their final design.

    Will students get a certificate after they complete the course?

    Yes, students will get a course completion certificate.

    Will teacher training be available in schools if schools participate?

    Yes, training will be available for teachers.

    What is the duration of the teacher training for participating schools?

    16 hours, spread over 3 months.

    Will teachers get a certificates after they complete their training?

    Yes, teachers will get a training completion certificate.

    What is the time duration for the course - for 6th, 7th, and 8th class students?

    One year.

    Who will provide live Projects to students and will they get any assistance in completing them?

    The projects are part of the learning material that will be made available to students. Students will be mentored by their teachers while they do their projects.

    If a Student/Teachers is stuck on a chapter/level of the Kojo learning material, who will help them?

    The Smartgoan/Kojo team will be available 8×5 to provide support and assistance.