Parivartan-Mental Health Awareness Initiative by SmartGaon in association with Sacred Oaks-Mind Care Centre

Why is Counseling important- Looking after mental health is as important as physical health. Just as we consult a doctor for fever, talking to a counselor is necessary when we feel stress and problems in our lives are becoming too overwhelming. The ongoing pandemic situation has heavily impacted the mental health of people causing stress, anxiety, depression, fear, etc. These issues give rise to a lot of negative emotions, thoughts & behavior. Counselors are professionally trained to analyze, assess and explain what you are feeling and why you are feeling it and how to deal with the same, regardless of your situation.

How does counseling help- Counseling is not a mere advice-giving session. Rather it provides us with a safe space to talk about our concerns and feelings without the fear of being judged. 

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    The Counselor supports and respects our views and enables us to explore difficult feelings within a comfortable environment. Eventually, it helps us gain our own insights and understanding of our problems.

    Counseling helps us to deal with loss, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, stress, becoming more confident, relationship difficulties, deciding on a career path, and many other mental health issues.

    Why people don’t prefer counseling- People may feel uncomfortable opening up to strangers or feel that counseling is expensive and only for those who are ‘crazy’. Some also view it as a sign of weakness and feel talking about problems may make them feel even worse. 

    However, it is important to know that your problems do not define you and the sooner they are addressed the better you will feel. Counseling does involve talking about painful feelings that make us feel worse but a counselor is trained with skills and techniques which ensure your safety and exploration of difficult feelings only when you are ready.

    Parivartan-Mental Health Awareness Initiative by SmartGaon in association with Sacred Oaks-Mind Care Centre- This initiative is especially for people residing in villages who find difficulty in accessing mental health care facilities. With the ongoing pandemic, lack of employment, and many other hardships there has been a rise in mental health issues such as anxiety, stress and depression. 

    Our aim is to provide you all with affordable and personal “One-to-One” Private Tele-Counseling Sessions with the help of a trained and experienced set of counselors. The team at Sacred Oaks will solely focus on bringing you results that have a real impact on solving problems and challenges you have been facing mentally. These sessions will be completely confidential and result-oriented. We would like to appeal to you all to come forward and participate in this initiative taken for a Golden Cause.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q) Is counseling only for those who have serious mental problems?

    A) Counselors go to great lengths to ensure that you are comfortable when seeking counseling through confidentiality. All that you talk about in a session is not disclosed to anybody (not even family) without your consent. Exceptions are made only when there is a potentially serious risk of harm to the individual, others, or when required by law.

    Q) Do we get instant solutions by going for Counseling?

    A) A Counselor does not provide you with immediate solutions to problems. He/she is a mere facilitator who helps you gain deeper insights and understanding to yourself and your problems which eventually help you identify ways to solve them. It is a process which requires your time, effort and willingness to work on yourself.

    Q) What if my counselor doesn’t understand me since we come from different backgrounds?

    A) Counselors might not have similar experiences but they are trained to be respectful towards individuals of different diversities. Regardless of your situation, their focus is to accompany you through the difficult times of your life. 

    Q) Won’t I become dependent on counseling?

    A) No, in fact, a Counselor actively works on helping you learn effective coping mechanisms through which you can independently and successfully deal with problems in the future.

    Q) Isn’t counseling too expensive?

    A) No. Affordable counseling can be accessible through various mediums. Parivartan- Mental health awareness Initiative by SmartGaon and Sacred Oaks is one such medium providing free Tele-counselling sessions to low-income families and individuals residing in villages.