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    Benefits For Candidates:

    1) Gives better campus opportunities to students.
    2) Professional training to students
    3) Brings current market technologies directly to students
    4) After completing your degree hands on experiences and ready to JOBs.
    5) Industries expert advice and counselling students. Career counselling by Industries experts(from Facebook, google, other top IT industries which will help students to broaden their understanding).
    6) Better opportunity and eventually increases student’s confidence.
    7) Helping students in job application etc.
    8) All students who have enrolled in the course will get badge/ certificate upon completion.
    9) Students get IBM login IDs for their life, as learning never stops!

    Details About IBM SkillsBuild Program

    SkillsBuild offers best in class content and in-depth guidance to help learners success. Learners are able to assess the alignment of their skills and personality with in-demand job roles, engage in online learning, receive guidance from IBM mentors, and work on real projects to create a portfolio. Online learning is further supported by in-person work through NGO partners. SkillsBuild’s goal is to put the success of the learner first, beginning with skills and moving into a lifelong career trajectory. For more details , please read following:-

    IBM SkillsBuild Stars Of The Month

    Top three IBM SkillsBuild learners who performed best In month of November 2020

    Nitin Mishra

    Hours Completion






    Amit Singh Chandel

    Hours Completion






    Srajan Mehra

    Hours Completion






    FAQ’s For IBM SkillsBuild Program

    All Courses are free or paid?

    Yes, all courses are free.

    What is the difference between SkillsBuild & SkillsBuild reignite?

    SkillsBuild reignite has limited number of courses and you can’t get badges and advance certification courses whereas in SkillsBuild has full access to all courses and you can N number of courses and earn badges.

    How can students register and login on the portal?

    Simple Steps: Learners will give their details (Name, Email address and contact number) to the REACHA and SMARTGAON team.

    Technical team of REACHA and SMARTGAON will verify learners’ details and then they will share a list of verified learners to the IBM team.

    The IBM team will send an invitation mail to all verified learners with an INVITATION link.

    Students can generate their login credential by ‘signup with IBM’ option.
    Learners can access the SkillsBuild portal by using his/her login credentials.

    If a learner has a Gmail or LinkedIn account with the same email address by which he/she registered then the learner can login with Gmail or LinkedIn also.

    How many course students can do parallelly?

    Learners can do many courses parallelly but recommend one course at a time.

    What will happen if courses are not completed by students ?

    There is no any fine or penalty or punishment but you lose a very good chance to build your skills.

    Can all students join the camps organized by IBM or his partners?

    Based on the learner’s performance, quality and quantity of certificates and earned badges few candidates will get the change to join the innovation camps.

    How will the technical team of SmartGaon and REACHA help students?

    SmartGaon and REACHA will always be there for help to SkillsBuild’s learners.

    How will the technical team of SmartGaon and REACHA help students?

    SmartGaon and REACHA will always be there for help to SkillsBuild’s learners.

    Can this certificate be used in government organisations?

    SkillsBuild is the digital learning platform created byIBM and his key partners under the agreement of Skills India project therefore we can say this certificate and badges will be valid in each government and private organization.

    How many duration of courses?

    Time duration of each course is not the same. It depends on the course. You can see the time duration in the course description.

    Can you give us a job after the course?

    We are not the job provider, we are here to provide an opportunity to build your skills with the best resources by this IBM SkillsBuild program. We also try to provide you with the best counselling and industry guidance by experts so that learners can get a better idea of the professional fields.

    Who will provide live Projects for us and how can we complete it?

    On the SkillsBuild portal there are many online running projects, learners can apply for a particular project work and after approval they can work with the team of that project. Learners also can create their own project and invite more members to join that project. Each project has guidelines and some milestones to complete the project so you just need to achieve those milestones.

    If a learner is stuck on some courses then who will help?

    There are online coaches and a community of professionals, you can take an appointment to clear your doubts. REACHA and SMARTGAON team also will arrange webinars of experts to provide guidance.

    Where are the training places when we do courses?

    There is not any physical training place, SkillsBuild is an online digital learning platform where you can access more than 7000 courses at one place and sharpen your skills.

    If I join, but not doing the course then is there any fine or punishment?

    No there is not any fine or punishment but you definitely lose the good change to improve your skills.

    How can we get certificates or badges?

    For certificate:- after completing each activity, you can download the certificate of that activity.

    For badge:- badges are attached with some major courses, after completing all the activities on the course you can get badges.

    What is the use of certificates and badges?

    SkillsBuild certificate and badges are very top quality achievements. This will enhance your profile when you show those in your resume. These certificates and badges will play a major role in job interviews.

    Are all courses attached with a certificate or not?

    Some are certification courses and some are badges courses. In SkillsBuild badges have a higher priority than certificates.

    Can we regenerate it's password again?

    If you are an existing learner of the portal then you can regenerate your password again.

    What if I lost that email account by which I registered? Can I register again with a different email address?

    Yes you can register again, but your all previous learning credits and certificates will be lost. You must have to follow the same process of registration and login again.

    How do I login if I haven’t received any mail from IBM?

    You must have to register yourself on the portal through INVITATION mail then you can login on

    Can i start another course without completing the first?

    Yes you can start another course without completing the first.

    How will i get my certificate?

    Each activity has a certificate. Once Learner completes the activity then he/she can download the certificate by clicking ‘Print completion certificate’ on the Actions dropdown of that activity.

    How to select courses?

    For the course selection learner can go in profile option and can select any course. Learners can select courses by searching tools also.

    How many days does it take to register?

    Usually this process takes a week.

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