Donated Oxygen Concentrator and Covid Relief material in Machandur

With tribute to Smartgaon worker Late Mahesh Sahu, Machandur village gets oxygen Concentrators and Covid Relief Materials. Smart Village Development Foundation distributed Oxygen Concentrator, BP Machine, IR Thermometer, 1400, N95 Masks (two masks per household), PP Kits and Face Shields to the First Aid Center of Village Machandur, District Durg, 1400 to the villagers. Oxygen Concentrator fund was given by Bhavna Surana, mother of Gaurav Surana, to support the villages and COVID patients for early treatment and to save lives. Smartgaon youth worker of Machandur village, Late Shri Mahesh Sahu was paid tribute for social and excellent work and in his memory this relief material has been given for the village and team of Sarpanch of Smartgaon Machandur, youth organization, hospital staff and security personnel. Vaccination awareness campaign was conducted in collaboration and an awareness rally was taken out.

On this occasion, district members, villagers including Lekhan Sahu, Sarpanch Dilip Kumar Sahu, Deputy Sarpanch Gajendra Kumar Sahu, Panch Praveen Kumar Yadu, Virendra Sahu, Ganpat Sahu, Radha Sahu, Yugal Kishore Sahu, Nawab Khan, Dhanraj Sahu, Yuvraj Sahu, teacher upper class, Mohan, Sahu , Jaslok Sahu, Geeturaj Sahu, Jai Prakash Sahu, Renuka Sahu, Mona Patel, Bharti Patel, Lalit Devangan, Stop Nurse Rita Kumari, Nikeshwari Kurre, Radha Devangan, Usha Sahu, Nitesh Sahu, Jaideep Sahu, Raja Khan, Seema Devangan, Nanku Yadu, Sheetal Sahu, Prakash Sahu, Narottam Sahu, Kishan Sahu, Chanchal Sahu were present in large numbers.

Gunjan has personally involved and revived the Machandur youth to get enthusiasm and involve in SmatGaon work. She personally got connected with Sarpanch, local youth Yugal, Nitesh, Jay, Sonal and orgainised mega event to give salute to the earlier youth icon of SmartGaon which got tremendous motivation to villgaers and orgainsied rally for COVID. Machandur team has decided to make the villlage as example for all surrounding villages and Gunjan with her efforts will ensure it is achieved and turns into Mega Smartgaon.

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