The work of widening and repairing of road was done in Padriya Thoban

Smart village Padriya Thoban has been traveling for generations through muddy roads due to a lack of good roads. Especially in the rainy season, this is the first year with the efforts of MLA Dharmendra Singh and MP Prahlad Singh Patel, the village main road is made up to the mark under the remote connectivity road scheme. The work of widening and repairing the 3 km road connecting the road was done, which cost about Rupee 72 lakhs. Villagers are very happy to get this permanent road that will help them travel faster and conveniently to other areas.


On July 6 solar lights were installed from the MP fund, which cost about Rupee 1.5 lakhs. This will give Villagers a reliable supply of light and improve infrastructure.

A hand pump was installed in the village from the MLA fund itself and a shed was constructed by the panchayat in the Kher Mata holy site the center of faith of the village and surrounding villages.

The Hanuman Ji temple platform where villagers get together daily and also hold social events was damaged. Repairs and painting work was done by village coordinator Mr. Anuj Bajpai Ji. The work has resulted in better access to the area for villagers.

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