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IBM SkillsBuild Program

SkillsBuild offers best in class content and in-depth guidance to help learners success. Learners are able to assess the alignment of their skills and personality with in-demand job roles, engage in online learning, receive guidance from IBM mentors, and work on real projects to create a portfolio. Online learning is further supported by in-person work through NGO partners. SkillsBuild’s goal is to put the success of the learner first, beginning with skills and moving into a lifelong career trajectory.

Webinar: 21st Century Skills Through Coding With NEP Linkages

The New Education Policy (NEP) will play an important role in creating a self-reliant India. Under the NEP, students will be taught 21st-century skills, and coding will be an integral part of it from Class 6 onwards. As future of a nation is what its youth is today so it’s time to be future-ready and future-fit with 21st-century skills. Join us for an introduction to all of these ideas.

Past Events

Webinar on Vedic Mathematics for Smart Skill and Computing Innovation